As we continue to navigate these tumultuous times spurred by the global pandemic, our thoughts and compassion are extended to those who have been affected across our nation and around the world. We want you to know that we're closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on a daily basis and our team follows the guidelines established by the WHO, CDC, and our local government authorities to ensure the health and safety of our associates, partners, and families.

DPC remains committed to providing superior service to our clients and we have instituted proactive steps that prevent any interruption in our business processes. With a keen focus on the safety and security of our workforce, we have enabled the majority of our team to work remotely, including strengthening our internal support mechanisms. To ensure continuity, we’ve tailored our outreach and engagement tactics to take advantage of innovative technology platforms and virtually deliver high-level, communication campaigns. Our culture of flexibility has been enhanced to allow us to fully support our interface with you and our stakeholders.

DPC is strategically planning how best to respond to our changing environment so together we persevere, rebuild, and rebound as a community.

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